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Our Mission Statement is is constant change, and will be refined, as we learn more about our audience, and our field of study.

Our Disclaimer & "Black Box" warning is that all this is "under study" and none of it should be taken as scientific factualy accurate information, or used to treat any ailment in lieu of standard medical treatment. NONE of this information should be taken as "medical fact" no matter how it is presented (unless it's stated as "Medical Fact"). All viewers are urged to consult their family doctor for ANY questions on health or well being.

That said: will examine the healing and mystical powers of rocks and minerals. This will not be your average "new age" or holistic site.

First, it's run by a licensed Family Practice Doctor, not a self-proclaimed "expert" in crystal healing or mystical mayhem.

Second, we will not link to our currently available stock of minerals as "THE" ones to have. You will not be asked to purchase packages of minerals, rocks that have been "energized" by us (What the heck is that anyway??) or directed to information in books that you need to buy, and which we get a cut of the referral fee. You will not be asked to send us any money at all -- EVER! (Compare that to almost any other such site!)

Thirdly, we will present ALL sides, as many as there are, on each mineral. You'll be able to present your opinions and views, and if they make sense have them integrated into the database.

Fourthly, and most importantly, what you find here is going to be a synthesis of the the "lore", the factual, and the intuitive. You'll find a mix of traditional healing, and accepted beliefs -- as well as challenges to those beliefs.

If you are easily offended, you may want to stay out of the forums, and away from the "meat" of the database.

What do I mean? Well, just because a stone is green, doesn't give it the powers of all the other green stones as some sources try to do. If some powers are attributed because it's green, that will be clearly stated, while attributions that are uniquely associated with that mineral will be defined separately.

Another, and one of my own pet peeves, is why quartz crystals are "happy" in sunlight, and are "energized" by putting them in the sun? If you know how they grow, and the past few million years of their existence, they were deep in the ground, dark and wet, and nowhere near the sun. The closer they got to the sun, the more they stopped growing, forming families(clusters) and actually being "happy". They like magnetism, and seem to grow clearer and better closer to the earth's magnetic center (Arkansas vs others, for example). So, in reality, a quartz crystal would be happier in an MRI unit, or under an eletro magnet, than sitting in the sunlight. *BUT* putting that crystal in the sun, makes *US* happy, and we've anthropomorphized that to the crystals "wanting" that as well. They would have been "happier" left alone, and growing.

*WE* feel the crystals are happy in the sun, because they catch the light.

Quartz is an electrically active mineral/crystal. Bathing it in salt water (an electrolyte solution) to cleanse it *almost* makes sense. But, soaking it in water to create an elixir makes no sense at all!. Quartz crystals are non-soluble, and make great containers for liquids such as water, acid or other agents.

But, you get the picture :)

When you state an opinion, or idea, you must try to back it up with reasons. Not just regurgitated stuff from some book, but something you've learned on your own.

If you feel this is what you are interested in, and want to access, or contribute to our database, then please enter!
Otherwise, there are plenty of traditional sites that will be willing to "educate" you, often for a fee :)

Robert S. Pataki, MD (PUGDOG)
President, PUGDOG® Enterprises, Inc.